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Lunging & Training Equipment

Selection of cavessons and lunge reins.

Kincade Coordinate Lunge Cavesson Navy
22.49 each
Choose size
Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein 8m
RRP 10.99 You Save 11%
9.79 each
Choose Colour
Kincade Soft Feel Lunge Rein 9m
9.95 each
Choose Colour
Kincade 2 Tone Padded Lunge Rein 8m
RRP 13.99 You Save 14%
11.99 each
Choose Colour
Kincade Nylon/Elastic Adjustable Side Reins
13.49 each
Kincade Web Draw Reins Black Full
RRP 17.75 You Save 10%
15.95 each