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DIY and Assisted DIY Livery at Mid Drumloch, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

We have a few rarely available spaces for DIY or Assisted DIY livery on our friendly yard just 5 minutes drive from East Kilbride, Hamilton and Strathaven. We have stables to suit all sizes of horse from Shetland to Shire. We also have haylage, feed and bedding available on site as well as our Speedy Equestrian tack shop.

100 acres of well fenced and maintained grazing with mains fed water troughs means we can offer all year round turnout, if required. For the winter we have a large field with plenty of natural shelter for horses who like to live out 24/7, and separate fields for those whoi require daily turnout, but prefer to be in at night.

In the summer the horses move into fresh fields to allow the winter grazing to rest over the summer months. During the summer we have seperate mares and geldings fields and also offer a "fatties" field for horses and ponies who are watching their waistline.

Each livery has their own stable allocated for their use. This allows owners to have their horse in as much, or as little, as they want all year round.

You can ride all year round in our 24m x 44m floodlit indoor arena and a 47m x 32m all weather outdoor arena. In the summer you can ride in the fields as well. We also have toilet facilities, an alarmed tack room and liveries who have their own trailer or lorry are welcome to park it at the yard at no cost. We also have a set of Safety System Show Jumps for the outdoor school which is proving very popular with our current liveries.

We also offer a range of additional services including bring in, turn out and mucking out. Contact us to discuss your horse's requirements.

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Telephone: Moira on 01357 300 273